Zion Lutheran Church

      West Union, Iowa
Vision of Confirmation:

Confirmation at Zion Lutheran Church is a three-year experience.  In concert with history, the congregational bylaws and tradition of Zion Church, the commitment covenants begin in the 6th grade.  This experience does not lie with “a class,” but rather The Convent of Commitment between the parent, the youth and the church. 

In confirmation, we reaffirm our baptism; participants are asserting their commitment to actively engage in nurturing their on-going relationship with God. They are saying that they are willing to take more of an active role in their faith life.   

In this experience, we hope to provide an experience that would foster and encourage one’s ownership in their personal faith journey.  A significant goal for this experience is to encourage future church leaders for further service as they proceed forward in their life journey beyond today.

Confirmation Documents

The Catechism Narrative